Classic guided walking tour if you have only little time
Karolingian Martin-Church, old middleaged town-centre
Barocque mainsquare with Trinity Column and
Renaissance townhall, "New" gothic cathedral, modern cultural mile.

You sure want to see more
Bustour with additional viewpoint Freinberg, our landmark Pöstlingberg, modern Linz
Monastry St.Florian:
Juwel of the Barocque, where the world famous composer Anton Bruckner played his favourite organ.
Abbey Wilhering:
Outstanding Rokoko church







Situated in a bending of the river Danube (celtic Lentos) Linz is surrounded by the smooth hills called "Mühlviertel". Linz was founded as a trading place. In the Middleages Linz became an important, international well known merchant town and later a growing industrial centre. Nowadays Linz has also changed to a remarkable Cultural City with many representative modern buildings like the music hall "Brucknerhaus" , the modern gallery "Lentos" and the new "Ars Electronic Centre".

Linz center



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