Make holidays where Austrian Habsburgs (royal family) stayed. Visit this unique world famous region. Home of the celts and salt trade.
Fascinating countyside, nostalgic royal and artistic flair. Cradle of heritage.

My special tours for you

Gateway to the Salzkammergut: Gmunden
Ceramics, culture and royal gem on the Traunsee

Follow the Habsburg royal Family
From "Schloss Ort" and Villa Toscana to the royal residence in Bad Ischl.

Bad Ischl
Take a guided tour through the town, famous sommer-residence of the Habsburg familiy and see the exhibition: people, myths and monarchs.

Salzkammergut, cradle of heritage and handicraft.
Take plasure in our idyllic "Advent" enchantment, our custom life and take a glimpse at the typical local cribs, or carneval and mountain festivities, watch old handicrafts.

Roundtrip to our "Happy Lakes"
By coach, boat and if you like by cable car and mounaintrain.
Visit the famous old places of pilgrimage to St.Wolfgang (unique gothic winged altar) and Abbey Mondsee.

Beautiful Traunsee with its special treasures.
City of Gmunden, Italian flair on the lake, mystic Traunkirchen (fishermen´s pulpit), Altmünster (traditional museums, rich church), Ebensee, the highlight for traditions.

World heritage of Hallstatt.
Prehistoric Celtic settlements, glaciers and caves.
Adventure saltmine, historic boat rides.

Find health and power in nature.
Enjoy easy hikes in wounderful, unspoiled nature.
Win back your strength at places with special karma.





Schloss Orth


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